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We at Candego are proud to present our first awards for Medusa

              Programa Recomendado en UpToDown.com       
The following reviews have been posted on download.com

"download this program"
MEDUSA does exactly what the description says 100 percent! if you have a broadband connection, this will help very much. easy to use, and completely tweakable. works with all sorts of files and it can even search and download from other websites that are linked to the site you are grabbing from.

"Medusa a powerfull program"
Medusa is an excellent program for those who likes picking images and others files from the internet. Very powerful, even so easy of using. I recommend.

"It does most of what anyone would want"
Fast and efficient. Would be great if you could set up a URL list for it to work through, or, be able to pass a link to the program.

The following comment was posted on our message board

First off, I would like to say, ďWell done!Ē Your program actually does the job. It does the job extremely effectively as well. Iíve been playing with auto-searching robots off and on for a few years now and you have the first program Iíve seen that actually delivers the good. You could leave the program just as it is and itís the most effective program of its kind.

The following comments have been sent to us by e-mail

A couple of hours ago I downloaded medusa and I don't have words to describe it, it's simple amazing. At this moment I don't have any suggestion to send you, but infinite thank you to have made this program free.

I just want to say thanks. I have used other similar software recently and was completely frustrated with them. Your Madusa software is Stupendous! I works smoothly and efficiently and does what you said it would before I downloaded it.

We at Candego would like to thank all those who have sent us suggestions, praise, critic and in other ways have shown an interest in Medusa!

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