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Shareware: v1.2

Freeware: v1.1

Candego proudly presents our unique software Medusa that automatically lets you search for music, images, movies, programs and any other kinds of files you want!

Medusa version 1.2 has now been officially released and it contains a number of new features, enhancements and improvements.

A few of the new features in this version include :

   - Support for password restricted websites.
   - It supports viewing of 25 different image formats.
   - Automatic download and customized renaming of files.
   - Pause and resume of downloads in progress.

Download a 30-day trial and evaluate Medusa v1.2
Buy Medusa v1.2. USD 19.95 or EUR 14.95. Free upgrades until version 2.0

Medusa screenshot
of Medusa
Medusa is best described as a crossover between a search engine and an offline explorer. With Medusa you can search thousands of web pages faster than ever and easily download all the different files that you find on these.

All you need besides Medusa is a URL to start your search from. Medusa then follows all the links on that web page to new web pages in its search for the files you want. As soon as Medusa finds a file of the same kind that you are looking for it is displayed as a thumbnail in the programs explorer-like interface.

In short, Medusa totally eliminates the hassle you usually have to deal with when you visit some of the countless pages containing annoying advertisements, irritating pop-up windows and the much too common false or broken links. The fact that Medusa is a huge time-saver for anyone who regularly searches for files on the web should be convincing enough to give it at least one try.

To get started with Medusa we recommend that you first check out the screenshots! Then you should read through the brief tutorial to get a basic idea of how to start your first search. The Medusa helpfile that comes with the program can almost certainly help you if you get stuck. Another possibility for those who have a question, comment or suggestion is to post it in our message post. Candego staff regularly monitors the message board and answers all postings directed to us.

Join the Medusa maillist to receive news concerning updates and issues regarding the use of Medusa as soon as we release them.

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